Which party is the most financially responsible? The answer may surprise you.

Over the last week there has been a lot of comments from pundits and political leaders on fiscal responsibility, taxation and social programs.

The Conservative, namely the Harper Conservatives, still cling to the myth that they are the financial saviours of Canada, even if they have never been able to balance a budget. They cut taxes and increase spending, a recipe for disaster in any household or nation. Yet they still claim to be financial wizards, and a wizard you would need to balance those books.

Out of curiosity I did a little research on who presented the most balanced budgets and came up with this little gem. 30 year report.

It shows which party was in power provincially and federally for each of the last 30 years and who presented balanced or surplus budgets. Surprisingly, even to me were the results.

One party has presented balanced budgets 50% of the years it was in office, far out performing anyone else, and guess who it was?

Wait for it

The NDP!

imageThat’s right, the party that has shown the most fiscal responsibility over the last 30 years is the spend and tax NDP. So not only is the Conservative party line of responsibility a myth, the NDP legend of irresponsibility is equally a myth.

Take that myth busters.


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