American chill: Tourism 

I will not be visiting the U.S. Any time soon, nor will a lot of other people. This is not a boycott, it is just out and out fear. Between Trump’s Muslim ban, cleverly disguised as a safety measure, where anyone holding citizenship in one of seven countries is banned from the U.S., the rumors of  social media and contact list checks at the border it is not safe to consider entry  into the U.S. At this time, or while Donald J Trump continues to hold the reigns of power in his hands.

Rumor has it, border guards are asking people their opinion of the Mango Mussolini. Then checking your responses against your social media posts. Personally, I have been quite vocal in my opposition to his election and the circus resulting from it. If I had a Trump supporting border guard examining my social media, I risk being shot, much less imprisoned at the border before being possibly, I repeat POSSIBLY being released back into the peaceful cultural mosaic of the Canadian wilds.  When your admittance to the U.S. Is based on your opinion of their leader, I would be very concerned as to the path this nation is traveling. I can assure you that it is a path I and many many other citizens around the world will not be traveling anywhere near.

The damage Trump has done to American tourism has not yet been felt, but it will be sizeable. As America cocoons into its safety net, the world, in fear of being caught in the web, will keep its distance. No visits to Mount Rushmore, no river trips along the Grand Canyon, no cherry blossoms in the capital, and ironically, no snapshots of Lady Liberty are worth the risk of incarceration, not even the risk of having to cancel your plans as you are turned away at the airport over who your mother was, or what nation you may have been born in regardless of your current nationality.

 In a scientific online Twitter poll (not peer reviewed) asking people if they are reconsidering a visit to the U.S. in the near future the current incomplete count is 89% are not willing to risk the trip.  If this poll is even slightly close to accurate, the United States tourist industry that amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars is about to go bankrupt. I imagine that those in the industry and related industries are in for some very hard times. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the guy who owns a lot of hotels in the U.S. Right now.


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