Senseless violence. 

While it has been several days since the incident, it still haunts me.

A car bomb suicide bomber targeting refugees fleeing the war in Syria. And not just the refugees, but specifically targeting the children. Terrorism is dispicable, but most terrorists have a goal, a message, some sort of agenda that while he or she uses deplorable means to achieve, we can at least comprehend. 

But this. This was something else.

This was the random spree killer or the Facebook killer of Easter weekend writ large.

Absolute senseless violence against the least threatening enemy you could imagine. This isn’t lashing out at oppressors, it’s lashing out at the oppressed. It makes no political statement, and simply entrenches the feeling of criminality to the movement. There is no financial, political, territorial, or even ideological gain by luring the children of refugees, already beaten into absolute submission, into a brutal violent death and maiming.  

It takes an unimaginably twisted psych to plan much less execute this travesty. And how could anyone, ANYONE! Be made to believe that this would be pleasing to God. That the chasing down and execution of fleeing children would Martyr you? 

Even the lacklustre acceptance of the act by ISIS shows that even they, a Murder Cult, were at least somewhat disturbed by the actions of one of its monsterous creations.

This  senseless act of violence, enacted by a twisted indoctrinated mind, who’s only imaginable purpose was to present as grusome a demonstration as possible, has only strengthened my resolve.

ISIS is a murder cult, it has no agenda beyond death and destruction. It is a magnet to the most vile and deplorable examples of humanity, fantasizing about the freedom to commit atrocities with a moral impunity. Murderers, Rapists, arsonists and vandals, flock to this breeding ground of hate, and rejoice at the embrace of acceptance ISIS offers them.

 It is entropy by committee and must be wiped from the face of the earth root and branch. Every member not killed must stand trial for the war crimes and crimes against humanity they are a part of, and once convicted, never encounter the civilized world again.


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