The colour of Canadian Politics

I cannot think of any time in Canadian history, that so many accused and convicted criminals has direct ties to the Prime Minister. If this had been revealed in any previous decade the public outcry from ALL sides would have been thundering, yet in today’s toxic politics it is just a ripple.

How has this happened?

In short it is the wedge. Steven Harper introduced a different political approach to Canadian Politics that has engulfed our system in distrust and   Partisan loyalty beyond the point of all reason. No one in our political landscape was prepared for the downright hatred that this man brought to our House of Parliament. Revenge for the years of neglect he felt Alberta suffered under previous governments. Harper created, and nurtured a base of loyal followers, and taught them there was only one true path to glory. He vilified every political, public, or private institution that didn’t conform to his ideals. Installing a ‘Them versus Us’ mentality within our political mind set. 

He and his minions painted the Canadian political landscape in black and white, no shades of grey, no options for colour. Good and evil where he was good and any dissenting voice was evil. A simplified world view that appeals to the simple minded and the entrenched opinionated, that grew to be accepted as normal by those who should know better.

By vilifying his opponents using extensive propaganda and mudslinging, he has left his followers with little choice. Regardless of the horrid record he has economically, politically, internationally. Regardless of the indiscretions his party and office engage in. Regardless of the out and out criminal activity. The only alternative is the ‘enemy’.

He has spent years driving a wedge into the political spectrum, dividing us as a people and teaching his supporters there is no alternative. I wonder how many people vote for Harper and his impotent candidates because they feel there is no viable alternative? They may not like what is going on, they may even be sickened by this twisting of the values they hold dear, but somehow they feel that they still have to support this corrupt political party because the alternatives must be worse. 

I can tell you right now, there is no black and white in politics, it is a colour palate of innumerable colours and it is the cooperative effort of all those shades that paint the portrait of a nation that is inclusive and admired around the world.

No matter how well you draw, a painting in black and white, is always dark and shadowy.


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