More Canadian than you.

Today I will be brief. As brief as the debate over this controversial and constitutionally subversive was when the Harper Government again denied the House of Commons the right to debate the merits and flaws of his plan.

This bill was introduced as a reaction to the Omar Khdar case. Where a natural born Canadian was improsioned for years while his government ignored his rights as a citizen. Feeling that somehow since he was accused of terror he shouldn’t be afforded the rights of his nation. 

In an attempt to not have to deal with such a grey shaded situation again, the government of black and white, us and them. Harper’s boys came up with bill c-24. A bill that would allow the government to strip citizens of their citizenship. Not just imagrents, anyone with dual citizenship, is subject to this proposed law.

With one hand they expand the definition of terror to just about any unfriendly act or thought towards the government and with the other make it possible to eject those people from our nation. Canadian or not.

Even Canadians accused of acts under legal systems we consider corrupt or malicious would fall under this law, leaving it up to the government of the day to decide an the value of that person to the nation. Are they Canadian enough to save or just a little Canadian by accident and to be cast aside at the whim of a Prime Minister?

Right now we are seeing one of those cases. An Egyptian/Canadian Reporter Named Fahmy arrested for reporting the news without a locally produced licence to do so. Regardless that he was employed by an international publication. The local government decided his actions of filming were terror and arrested him on terror charges. Now today, our government is arguing for his release after months of dithering while this Canadian rotted in a notorious  prison, but under c-24 they could, legally just revoke his citizenship and leave him to his fate. Washing their hands of one of the most important roles of governing. In fact the only role. Protection of its citizens.

Imagine if this law is allowed to pass. Thomas Mulcair, leader of her majesty’s opposition holds a second citizenship in France, could he be stripped of his Canadian citizenship and deported for expressing disapproval of the government, and by his constant speeches this election on how the Harper government must be overthrown?

Laws are there to protect society from the individual, these laws are to protect the government from the public, and why I say that Harper and the Harper Government mimics too closly the tenants of fascism. Eventually, it’s not a mimic, eventually it simply is.


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