Freedom to oppress 

In short, your religious freedoms end when you try to force those beliefs on me.

Kim Davis who found God in 2011 is so excited by her conversion that she has demanded others must now conform to her beliefs. She does not believe in gay marriage, so she will not issue licences to gay couples and She has instructed her staff to not issue those licences as well.

Her religious freedom stopped being freedoms before the first comma in the above sentence. Her religious freedoms ensure that she does not have to attend a gay wedding, or marry another woman. That is all.

The moment she decided that her faith gave her the right to limit freedom of choice to others is the moment she violate the law, and her oath of office. If your religious beliefs prevent you from performing your duties, you are free to find employment that better suits your beliefs, this is he law, and what the religion teaches. 

If your religion forbids alcohol, you are not allowed to drink, you don’t have the religious freedom to prevent others from drinking, and you certainly can’t continue your employment as a bartender and refuse to serve those who come to the legally established location to purchase said drink.

The fact that the ridiculous cast of characters running for republican president of the U.S. Supports her violation of law and oath is disheartening. When someone seeking the most powerful office in the land thinks you should break the oath of office to engage in violating the freedoms of others by imposing your religious beliefs on others, you strip away every concept of constitutional respect. You are no longer running for the secular position of president, you are running for evangelistic ruler of a nation. You are seeking the office meant to defend freedom, by encouraging oppression. 

Freedom by definition is the right to do something without interference. Denial of, or interference with the rights of others is the exact opposite. How hard is this to understand?


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