NATO must be disbanded

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in geopolitics. A shift as monumental as the political borders of the first world war, where empires collapsed and the lines on the maps were redrawn to suit a new world order. On January 20th 2017 we will see a complete shift in the national interests of a super power and with it, the national interests of individual countries will be threatened.


NATO was established with one goal in mind, to limit soviet expansion by creating a unified military equal to the Kremlin. It worked. along with slowing the advance of Soviet aggression it also had other lucrative side effects. With it’s spirit of cooperation it improved communication between the member nations. It’s membership requirements improved the lives of citizens living in European nations with better government, industry and trade. As a result of it’s creation European wars ceased to exist and in the end the creation of the European Union was enabled. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union it proved itself effective by providing benchmarks for the eastern European nations recently freed from tyranny on how their new governments should behave to gain acceptance into mainstream European culture, and many of those nations rose to the challenge and were admitted into NATO’s ever growing umbrella of mutual protection.


NATO succeeded where the League of nations and even the United Nations has failed. It has brought and maintained peace within it’s member nations with stability and little direct interference for longer then any other political body. There has not been a war between NATO members since it’s formation on April 4, 1949. 67 years of peace.

That is about to change. NATO was established to protect Europe and North America from a Russian threat. It cannot possibly continue to provide that security with a known Russian sympathizer in a position of power within the structure. America must be expelled from NATO or NATO must be disbanded and replaced with a new European defense pact to protect it from external threats and to provide a safe environment for intergovernmental debates.

Perhaps the formation of the European Union has come just in time. An economic treaty that could be expanded to military applications in the event of invasion.

Britain would have to seriously reconsider its position on the EU and Europe would have to prepare itself for a hostile America.

The dynamics of the world are in a state of flux, and will realign to reflect a new world order all on the basis of a single man being elected into an office he is incredibly ill prepared for and universally unsuited to.


Donald J. Trump the next president of the United States has made it absolutely clear he is devoted to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Ignoring, if not outright supporting the Russian aggression and expansion in the Ukraine, Georgia, Syria and beyond. Trump seems unconcerned with the massing of Russian troops on Easter European borders and instead attacks European leaders in his asinine Twitter storms. Trump has said several times he wants to disband NATO. He wants to pull America out of its protective roll and come January he will be in a position to do just that. But more importantly, America itself must be ejected prior to Trump becoming president and gaining access to NATO secrets which he could feed to Russia via his numerous Russian linked cabinet members.

NATO has done a remarkable job, but now it’s time to re-evaluate who should be in this treaty organization. It’s time to expel America, or to disband and form something new. Something that addresses not only the threat of a Russian invasion, but also the threat of a Trump America.


Photo credit to and FinanceTwitter


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