A Canada for all Canadians

And so it begins, during an election, the current government’s last gasp legacy will be the creation of C-24. A two tier justice system and a divided Canada.
Where some citizens are more Canadian than others. A law that makes Citizenship a borrowed coat that can be reclaimed at any time.
As evil as Toronto 18’s Zakaria Amara may be, what ever his crimes, do we really think that because of the land of his birth, or where his parents are from is justification for a different justice system?
Harper has made a drastic dramatic change in our national identity.
That we are no longer to be held equal under the law. The veil has been removed from her eyes and Lady justice is no longer blind.

C-24 has created a two tier system where anyone with a dual citizenship is subject to political action laws. Laws that allow the Government to directly pass judgement on people. No judge, no jury, no court, no defense. Just the Government decreeing the punishment to the accused. Where your passport will just be stripped away. can24

Laws that bypass our legal system, our justice system and give unequivocal power to a Cabinet Minister reminiscent of Noblesse oblige, as if they were better qualified in criminal matters than the lawyers and judges charged with those responsibilities. A fast track justice system, where the government of the day makes a law, no one is allowed to debate it’s validity, and it is then they pass judgement on people directly.

Already I am seeing people who favor this perversion of justice demanding it go further, not just terrorist acts or support, but murder, rape, child molesters. Where will it stop? Traffic violations? Housing disputes? Neighbourhood gentrification?

Why am I so enraged? Because my wife is from Colombia, where citizenship is permanent and cannot be rescinded regardless of your choice or wishes so she has no choice but to be a dual citizen. Because my grandsons, who because one has an American father, is a dual citizen and will spend the rest of his life not being as Canadian as his brother.

The Harper Government has cracked open Pandora’s Box on equality and decreed that some are more equal then others while simultaneously removing the balance of our justice system from the decision. An unbelievable act in an age where equality under the law is such a pertinent issue. It is a vile abuse of power that will come back to bite them when people begin to remember other nations and governments who espoused such laws.

In 1935 Germany created it’s Nuremberg Laws. “The Reich Citizenship Law declared that only those of German or related blood were eligible to be Reich citizens; the remainder were classed as state subjects, without citizenship rights. The wording in the Citizenship Law that a person must prove “by his conduct that he is willing and fit to faithfully serve the German people and Reich” meant that political opponents could also be stripped of their German citizenship.” and with the stroke of a pen, citizenship became a weapon.

Before that in 1927 Italy came up with this “The Italian Fascists also claimed a monopoly over the representation of “Italianness”; an Italian national was defined by his participation in the PNF. As a result the liberal nationalist ideal which incorporated all Italians into the state; despite religion, ethnicity or ideology, was swept away by the totalitarian state ideal. Only Fascists were considered “True Italians” and only these individuals were granted a “Complete Citizenship.” Those who did not swear allegiance to the Fascist party were banned from public life”

In both these cases and others it was an attempt to increase Nationalism, a foundation and engine for Fascist governments throughout history. A means to control the people by making some feel they belong by ostracizing others. The fact that my nation is even flirting with the fringe of this ideal is nauseating and disheartening. I can only hope that the good people of this nation remember what Canada is about. The Cultural Mosaic, the acceptance, the respect and the diversity that made this nation great.

Below is recommended reading regarding this law.

Canadian Bar Association (start at page 17): Critical review of the law

Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers: Critical review of Bill C-24

Open Parliament: (the actual bill)


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