Rocket Man and the Barking Dog-A modern Parable

Jimmy didn’t like the mean Rocket Man who lived in his neighbourhood. This man was the son and grandson of other mean men and they all use to yell at Jimmy and his family from the front porch. The mean man’s Grandfather had yelled at Jimmy’s Grandfather, The mean man’s Father had yelled at Jimmy’s Father, and now this mean man was yelling at Jimmy.

Jimmy decided to get a dog, because he was scared of the mean man and some of his other neighbours. A big orange dog, with a big orange voice. The dog would bark at everything. It was a great dog, with all the best barks.

Jimmy would take his barking dog for walks around the neighbourhood, and liked to walk past Rocket Man’s house because he liked to hear the Orange dog bark and snarl at Rocket Man. Jimmy thought this would make Rocket man afraid and he would stop yelling at Jimmy. Instead Rocket man just yelled even louder. Jimmy didn’t seem to notice that even the neighbours who liked Jimmy, were nervous of his barking dog. It would lunge at the neighbours from time to time, sometimes they would try to pet the dog, but it would often snap at their fingers and start to bark at them.

Jimmy kept walking his dog around the neighbourhood,  but it was getting harder and harder to control. Sometimes it would pull Jimmy off his feet, and sometimes it would bark at Jimmy’s family in the house, but Jimmy would just laugh and think it was funny that his family thought his dog was dangerous. Didn’t they realize his dog was keeping everyone safe from Rocket Man?

The neighbours were scared of the Dog, Jimmy’s family were scared of the dog, even Rocket Man was scared of the dog. So the neighbours stopped visiting Jimmy, they would avoid him when they could. Jimmy started to fight with his family, because they wanted to get rid of the dog, because their friends wouldn’t visit anymore.

Rocket Man on the other hand, just started yelling even louder at Jimmy and his Dog and that’s where we are today.


Danny didn’t like the two mean Rocket Men who lived in his neighbourhood. One of them had a Barking Dog……



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