fear mongering to advance a supremist agenda 

Friends, this is very important.North America is reaching a dangerous level of Islamaphobic hysteria.

Between the Trump campaign of hate, the media storm of terror news for ratings and the actual war with radicals in Africa and Syria. Even the least likely source is being repeated as truth on the Internet and Facebook.

Today I saw several people posting that the mass hit and run in Las Vegas was a terror attack. That the woman driving the car was heard shouting Allah Akbar while committing this tragic act. There is no bases for this story, it is posted on right wing and highly questionable news sites and not by any credible source. To think that someone could hear these shouts over a roaring engine with the windows closed is ludicrous to and simply fear mongering feeding off the unreasonable level of fear that is being exploited and portrayed as reasonable.

Do not fall into the trap.

During the hitler era in Germany stories of Jews sacrificing children and committing atrocities were wide spread to dehumanize the target of nazi aggression. Do not repeat the sins of the past in thoughtless repetition of senseless propaganda.


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