Bleeding freedom away

Stop defending your oppression!

I can not stand the phrase “if you’ve got nothing to hide”

it’s the braying of sheep in the field beside a slaughter house.
It is the song of a canary singing, in a cage of hardened steel.

It’s the clacking claw of a lobster, in a restaurant window.

“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”

Bull shit!

Fear ME!

Fear all those who have risked their lives for freedom, those who have died to preserve it, those who speak out to defend it.

Fear those who fight on for your rights, in spite of your derision and apathy. Those who struggle on your behalf, while you pretend to be so sinless and safe.

During the wars against tyranny there were three forces. Those who supported the tyrant, those who fought against him, and those who thought they could just appease the tyrant with their submission.

We have seen this type of bootlicking throughout history. The Vichy French of WWII.

 Submitting, not because they have no choice, but willingly, as if their freedoms were a burden to them in the first place. Casting them aside willingly in submission to the first leader to claim he’s just making their lives better by taking the responsibility of freedom away.

Freedom is being bled away from us one tiny cut at a time. A nick here a nick there, photo ID required, checkpoints within national borders. A cut here, a cut there. Internet privacy, email password to be provided to officer.

Cut some rights from a minority, like bathrooms of choice, then, it becomes employment of choice, then employment at all, until that minority becomes simply illegal in itself.

“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”

You can’t hide your skin colour, you can’t hide your sex, you shouldn’t have to hide your sexual orientation, or religion.

In the end, these laws too shall pass. The tyrants always fall, and in their wake they leave an angry public that surrounds those loyalists who propped up that tyrant. Be it by direct action on the tyrants behalf, or in fawning adulation of his reign.

The people remember who was with them in the struggle, and who apposed them.

“If you have nothing to hide”

Hide from the oppressed

“You have nothing to fear”

Fear, freedom, for you have declared yourself, it’s enemy.

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