Ode to My Mother

(author’s note: this is from the heart, no re-write, no forced poetry, it is my thoughts and heart from mind to paper. Don’t expect it to rhyme or have a set rhythm except the one in my heart today.)

With painful effort you pushed me out

Then clutched me to your breast.

That beating heart that’d sung to me

I felt against my face

It’s rhythm now confessed your love

A comfort in this bright new place.


I learned to crawl and walk with you

Your steady hands held waiting

The smile and laugh that came from you

Encouraged me in making

My way across the floor

Swept up in angel arms I’d rise

Into your glad embrace


I learned the world and the dangers there

Held hands with you in a busy place

Learned NO! at a startling pace

I burned my hand, I scraped my knee

I fell out of a tree

And you were there to pick me up

and soothe and comfort me.

I went to school with other lads,

and learned my ABCs

at home you would read to me

and teach me on your knee

As time went on I moved away, and spent less time at home

But there you were just out of sight

Watching over me.

The years went by and I confused your fear

with stifling and rage

I rebelled against your wise advice

I climbed back up the tree.

I grew to big to be swept up, but still the times would come

That I would tumble from above and

be embraced in your arms of love

I met a girl who seemed to be the one true love for me

Many years would pass before, I would come to see

Your love, your manners, your very soul

Reflected in this she

You passed away before your time

I still needed you,

but in my heart you had left your mark

And still you were with me.

for 25 years I’ve missed out fights, our debates and arguments

For 25 years I’ve tried to be, the son you wanted in me

For 25 years I’ve missed your touch, your comfort and your grace

For 25 years I’ve missed the most, your laughter and your face

So once again on this fine day

I think of all the mothers,

My wife, my daughter and all the rest

Who now do take your place

I see them with their children now

and I can see your face.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

J.Daniel O’Neail May 12/2017


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