Callingbull: Mrs Universe lives up to her title, and her name.

now this is refreshing! Ashley Callingbull, a Cree nation woman of remarkable beauty takes the title of Miss Universe and immediately puts it to use. imageUsing her title to bring forward issues that are important for both nations she represented at the pageant, Canadian, and First Nations, she is calling on the Canadian government to be responsible towards the plight of native Canadians, and she is calling on the native population to take responsibility towards the government.

Within hours of receiving the crown she was on Twitter with this to say.imageCallingbull is calling bull on the actions or should we say lack of action of the Harper Government.
This is not a beauty queen who is going to sit around looking pretty, she’s out there making a difference, and I look forward to seeing her over the next 12 months and longer bringing awareness to issues and actively working to improve the situations that are far to often ignored.

If she can keep this up and continue to fight in the face of critics who think beauty queens should be seen and not heard then she proves to me, she isn’t a beauty queen. She’s a queen, who just happens to be beautiful as well.


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