Trump is America’s Putin

There is something seriously wrong with this man. Either he is a complete moron or he has flashes of evil brilliance and is trying to undermine the United States at every turn.
His dismissal of the intelligence community undermines the very structure international policy is made under. By claiming they are totally incompetent and asserting that he somehow is clairvoyant, he is trying to convince the American people that his feelings are a valid reference tool for creating policy.
His constant tweets naming individual companies to shame or praise them has set the stage for a president able to control the corporations by attacking their credibility and hurting their market strength. His tweets are repeated far more then the corrections presented by the companies, and the Media seems to run stories before the companies have had a chance to respond to the accusations. He is in effect, holding companies hostage to his tweets (A violation of market laws)
He has spent the time since his election win establishing a Demagoguery supported by an oligarchy, very similar to the current Russian system and the Russian president he admires so much.
Personally responsible for policy because no one else is competent. Personally responsible for keeping industry in line by demonstrated threats to their integrity (many completely manufactured fantasies used to harm companies and to take credit for company decisions) Personally taking credit for directing the Congress to adjust policy. (which the backboneless congress of Republicans is afraid to dispute) While his cult of fanatics scream his name and welcome each tweet as a biblical Gospel.
America’s version of democracy is in immediate danger of collapsing if nothing is done to reign in this lunatic, but with the Republican control of the Congress and the Senate they are likely to leave him in power as long as possible to enact their more disreputable laws and position their appointments (supreme court judge,etc) before tossing him out of office and using him as a scapegoat for all the unpopular decisions they make during his term.
The issue is, how dangerous a game are they playing? It’s a race of sorts. The GOP republicans trying to make America in their image while Trump attempts to make it in his. At some point, if Trump is not the complete idiot I think he is, he will have established himself in the White House in an unassailable position, and America will see the end of it’s democratic system. Even if Trump leaves office in a reasonable way, the power structure will have changed so much, only the oligarchs will be in a position to create the next president, and the next and so on until such time (or never) as America has it’s own Arab Spring.
I pity those who will have to live through that chaos, but if Trump remains in office for a full 4 years, I see no other path available to the citizens of that country.

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