Failure of the system

The Electoral College has failed.

It had one job, and one job only, to ensure that a demagogue could not assume power.

It failed in that duty spectacularly, by pretending that America is a democracy.

It is not.

A democratic election would be the voter count. America is not a democracy, it’s a republic so each member of the republic gets a vote on the leader of the republic. Each state polls it’s population, but the decision is made by the State’s defining representative, that being in America, the Electoral College. That College has one job, that is not “the will of the people” it is to insure a demagogue does not rise to power as was seen in Europe during and prior to the American revolution. What happened instead, is the Electoral college has sided with the popular vote in each state sending a buffoon to lead the nation based on the power of a handful of sparsely populated but powerful states within the republic. The Republic system does help in the manner that the entire nation does not have to dance to California’s whim, but the checks and balances were placed to keep exactly what happened from happening. They failed to qualify the candidate as a suitable leader. While you may like Trump, or worship him, or what ever, it has been made absolutely clear, he is a pathological liar, he is a raging narcissist, he is woefully uninformed on the duties and role of the office, or even how the system works and since his election has shown no attempt to unify the nation, no attempt to learn about the job and has admitted publicly that a lot of his campaign was not serious and thus thanks to the Electoral College’s failure, you have an admittedly unqualified President, with no discernible agenda in a position he doesn’t understand attempting to lead your nation into a promise he admitted was a lie.


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