Standing Rock – poetry

The sun beats down upon him

At crossing they do claim

He rose and stood before them

To Standing Rock he came

Where winds do whisper hymn

Now engines roared in hate

She rose and stood beside him

At Standing Rock her fate

While dogs were loosed upon them

By mirror eyed guards at gate

He wavered as they bit him

Yet Standing Rock, they wait

While armed men menaced

Shout slurs and racial hate

She wept in fear beside him

But at Standing Rock they wait

When sirens Shouted at them

Flee now the sirens say

Arms linked with those beside them

At Standing Rock they stay

When they became outnumbered

By uniforms of the state

Buffalo spirit brought a herd

Home to Standing Rock’s gate

Though bullets flew and sonics wailed

Though governor’s berate

Summer gone, Grassland paled

At Standing Rock they wait

Now winter blows a frozen breath

And water cannons drench them

Icy streams that feel of death

Stain Standing Rock beneath them

Blood drips down, backs are sore

Icy sprays near froze them

While Veterans of another war

At Standing rock do Greet them

The sun beat down upon them

At crossing they did fail

He rose and stood before them

Let Standing Rock prevail


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