Friends of Fascists

This is quite a challenge, for me as well, but….
I have decided to start a movement.
Friends of Fascists
I encourage everyone, especially minorities, to go out and make an effort to befriend a fascist. Show them you are a real person, just like them. Get right inside their comfort zone of Nationalistic rigidity and let them see the rest of the world has meaning too. Introduce them to your family, your children, your struggles and successes.
Place a big smiling face on what they fear, and humanize the enemy they wish to oppress. So that when they come for you, it is not a faceless mob, Your friends will be among them, and only in that way can reason conquer fear.
It’s one thing to hate those ‘darkies’, it’s quite another to hate Jim who comes over for dinner.
So when that fascist rages in my face, I will bottle up my disgust. I will smile , and then I will gently, seditiously but thoroughly, disarm this rage, one person at a time.
Join Friends of Fascists today
Bring one person out of ignorance, out of fear, and make the world a better place.
You can help fund this and my other blogs at GoFundMe. Your support inspires my writing

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