Last glance into the Abyss. Election2016

Voting day starts in the morning. Millions of Americans will head out to the polls ID in hand to cast their ballots for the next president of the United States of America.

This is probably the most important vote in their lives. During this period of strife around the world, heightened tensions with Russia, economic fragility and clear signs that they are being bled dry of rights and wealth by the super powerful, emotions are heightened to a fevered degree. So I thought I would make one last attempt to appeal to the rational side of your nature. One last look at the gaping black hole of chaos that entices so many of you.

That gaping black abyss is a Donald J. Trump president. Not a presidential Trump, for that does not exist, over the last year he has made it abundantly clear he has none of the characteristics of Presidential.

He does not rise above, he does not exhibit calm rational, intelligence, morality, diplomacy, competency, not even thoughtfulness we around the world expect from someone sitting in the Oval Office. All around the world we nervously wait for you to decide. Will you continue to be a stable nation, or will you decent into chaos? The world’s largest banana republic sending shock waves around the globe as your economy, and ours crumbles, the balance of power reshuffled like a deck of cards, not knowing what hand each of us will be dealt.

We have heard the Trumpster speak, and scratch our heads in confusion at his words, which are so jumbled, translators are at a loss to repeat them. He says nothing. He uses a vast simplified vocabulary of platitudes to cover the fact there is no substance at all to the majority of his promises. Repeal obamacare, replace it with “the greatest plans we have never heard of” cancel trade agreements without having even discussed options with the partners involved, as if they will simply agree to anything offered. Redistribute troops based on financial payment, not considering the huge advantage this gives to America’s enemies, or the political mood of your allies towards his callousness. Dismissing us, the world, as irrelevant.

Most important is what he is going to do to you. Divided, under personal threat by your president. He promises to limit the information you are allowed to view. He promises to increase police power to make arrests, incarceration, searches, easier and warrantless. He said he will torture you for information, or any of us whom he feels is a threat. He said he will kill our families if one of us steps out of line and commits terror. He has said he will round up the illegals and force them out of the country. He says he will limit travel, into and out of your nation. He says he will go after anyone who attacks him. HIM! Not the U.S. HIM personally.

How will he round up the illegals? Door to door, business to business school to school, house to house? Do you have a citizen card? No? Then into the train you go, or your wife, or your daughter. What ID is required to prove you are legal? What do you do when he enacts his promise to  outlaw birthright citizens. How many more will be sent to the concentration camps. How many will die for not complying with the deportation force on your street?

Your future, and the future of the world is in your hands. So will you step away from the abyss, or will you cast yourself in, dragging your friends and family behind you into the dark unknown?


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