The Debate from Canada

Summing up the debate

So the morning after
The debate is finished and the pundits are out in force
Overwhelmingly they and I agree that Hillery Clinton won the debate.
Personally I don’t consider this much of a victory. More like winning a game of chess against a 5 year old.
But we did learn something from it, or at least had our opinions reaffirmed by the spectacle.

Donald Trump has no place in or near the White House.

His constant interruptions and snide comments during his opponents time, dozens of times he would interject asinine comments and try to talk over her, to the point that the moderator had to restart the clock on Clinton’s response time.
His interruptions contained such gems as claiming not having paid a cent in Federal taxes on the two years of tax returns that are public record makes him smart.
That the attacking and sinking of a foreign nation’s navy for not showing enough respect would not start a war.
and at one point simply moaning into his microphone. (it was shortly after this point they dropped the split screen view while Clinton was responding, so I have no idea what other buffoonery was taking place across the stage)

Trump expressed his dislike for NAFTA as the ‘worst trade agreement in history’ and how he, personally would renegotiate great trade deals.
He wants to reintroduce the failed trickle down economy but bigger with the largest tax cut ever to the wealthiest percentage of American citizens and businesses.
He wants to redirect military spending. Not cut it, because while he wants to pull the American military out of mutual defense agreements unless the related nations pay more for it, he still wants to increase defense spending on even more new weapons.
In short, he wants the American military to become global extortionists and threaten the world into compliance.
His comments were so bombastic and dangerous that Clinton correctly addressed them as irresponsible and destabilizing.
As the debate continued Trump’s lack of preparation and ability became more pronounced.
When asked about how to deal with Systemic racism, he responded with “Law and Order” as if somehow more police and better armed police would address racism. He used the opportunity of not answering the question to plug his endorsement from the Police board. Something he did often, “This response brought to you by my supporters in the NRA or This answer endorsed by hundreds of Admirals and Generals (actually, how many Admirals and Generals are in the US military? is it actually hundreds?)
never mind
He returned to incomprehensible word salads that meandered around without addressing the questions. 21st century war preparation devolved into how his 10 year old has computers and is smart with computers and Cyber is bad.
The question regarding his matter of record support of the Iraq war devolved from arguing with the moderator to “Call my buddy Sean Hannity, he can back me up”
This wasn’t an episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. There is no Phone a Friend option in a presidential debate.
By the end Trump was back to his standard offensive form. Calling Rosie O’Donnal a pig and spewing conspiracy theories about the FED being a politically controlled body trying to make President Obama look good. Ignoring the findings of the FBI, CIA and the Military generals regarding the Hacked emails, speculating it could have been a 400 lb guy lying in his bed, and not Russia, while taking pride in getting President Obama to produce his Birth Certificate to disprove Trump’s favorite conspiracy. A conspiracy that he still maintains in 2016 by stating he doesn’t know if it’s a real certificate or not.
In the end we see a woman who came prepared and able to articulate presidential policy and a bombastic reality show toddler who only appeals to the misinformed, poorly informed Reality Show inspired portion of the population, and supported by people and organizations who understand how easily influenced this figurehead would be to advance their own agendas, be they foreign or domestic.
Trump in the White house wold be a disaster of unimaginable consequences, because his policies would be based on whatever point his minuscule attention span happens to unpredictable as a leaf falling from a tree.
We have no way of knowing its path, we just know it’s falling downward.


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