9/11 15 years of Truthers

It has been 15 years since the fall of the World Trade Center Towers.
14 years and 363 days since the Truther movement started, and personally I am tired of it.
Yes there are various discrepancies in the findings, yes there are some coincidences, but this constant confusion between causation and reality is bordering on the obsessive if not insanity. So lets look at some of the issues and holes in the Truther argument.

First: Osama Bin Ladin
Leader of an American funded rebel force against the Russians at the end of the cold war, a religious fanatic who became leader of an extremist nation and the Taliban. rebelled against the American influences and began a war of terror against the United States.
He took credit for masterminding several terrorist acts against American interests including the attack on the twin towers. Once again he ADMITTED to being the mastermind behind the attack. Yet Truthers will have you believe he’s a victim of an American plot to discredit him and an excuse to invade Afghanistan.
America already had reasons to invade Afghanistan due to previous attacks, they fired over 70 cruise missiles at the nation after an earlier event, but could have just as easily invaded.
Truthers would have you believe that the most wanted man in the world for a decade had nothing to do with the attack on the World Trade Center, but he never, NOT ONCE claimed anything but responsibility.
Therefore, he was actually responsible, or a brilliant CIA plant who maintained his cover as the leader of Al Qaeda for 20 years as part of some secret American government plot. A plot that culminated in his death, or in a stage production death of which Seal Team 6 was a willing participant.

Second: The Planes
According to Truthers the planes were remote control, not actual passenger planes or in extreme cases, simply CGI animation, depending on your level of disbelief.
The fact the planes existed, the fact that families saw there loved ones off, the fact that those planes were tracked from airport to building by radar is ignored. Or every air traffic controller working on the North East coast of North America was also in on the job.
To accomplish this deception as the Truthers believe, they would have had to hi-jack the planes themselves, fly them to a secret location and execute all the passengers and crews while simultaneously flying explosive laden animations of drones into the buildings at precise elevations to match up with the explosives distributed through the buildings. Which brings us to

Three: The collapse
This is the most constant claim of Truthers, that the buildings were brought down by a controlled demolition. That somehow a team of explosive experts carried several tonnes of industrial grade explosives into the towers and building 7, laced those explosives on dozens of floors, completely invisible to the thousands of people who worked in the buildings. No one, not one single person has yet to claim they saw any explosives prior to the collapse. No one has yet to claim there were renovations going on in over 300 offices at the same time, or even over the course of years. The fact that the building was built with the outside walls as the main support around the central elevator shafts rather then standard girder construction is ignored. The idea that an exploding jumbo jet filled with fuel couldn’t possibly create enough damage to take out a few floors is the premise for the argument. “jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough”, it wasn’t a fire. it was a high speed impact followed by a massive explosion that would have done the most damage. the fires would have been secondary at best if relevant at all. If you don’t think taking out most of the support under hundreds of tonnes of concrete will not cause a collapse, play a game of jenga and start with a bowling ball on the top.

Four: Conspiracy
In the end, the Truthers all believe this was some secret government inner circle plot to control the American population, or to build a pipeline through Afghanistan, or (this one is the best) to steal all the oil out of Iraq. Even though Iraq had nothing to do with this at all, nor was it accused of being a part of it.
In the end no pipeline was built. Iraq still has it’s oil and Well, yes the American government has become a police state with extraordinary power over it’s population. but really that is the only part that worked, or should I say resulted, from the event.
An event that required extraordinarily precise timing, hundreds, if not thousands of willing conspirators, months of planning and yet with all those people involved, all that planning, all that conspiring, not one single person in the last 15 years has been found willing to admit any level of responsibility for even the smallest involvement in the plot. A feat of secrecy that makes the invasion plans of Normandy seem like a boyscout pact between three friends.

The attack happened, America was asleep at the wheel of border security, Bin Laden and his council, exploited a weakness and did so with astounding results, probably exceeding their wildest expectations. The American government at the time exploited the situation AFTER THE FACT in deplorable ways, stripping the citizens of rights in fearful overreaction. But with all the flaws I think G.W Bush has, evil genius Mastermind, is not one of them.
Truthers, move on, or back to the Kennedy assassination, or the Pearl Harbour attack, or Bigfoot, or Lizard people, but this argument is done.


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