Politically Correct: where we went wrong. 

What have we done? In an effort to build inclusiveness we came up with a social experient called Political correctness. 

Whatever it’s original intent was it has become a travesty of social engineering used to homogenize our population into a flock of conformist sheep. Limiting debate and criticism to the point of inconsequential blandness, and demonizing opinions that step off the ever narrowing path we are laying our society upon. 

The solution to our ills was so easy, yet instead of walking side by side, hand in hand across a field of varied colours interwoven into a riot of inclusiveness, we have chosen a rigid narrow path of single file trudging along, shackled and grey as we stumble forward, groping into the darkness ahead, fearful of bumping into someone’s feeling we slow to a crawl along this path to the future. 

 The solution my friend has been written for generations in the histories of successful empires that lasted for centuries. Those empires ruled by inclusiveness. You could have your religion, your culture, your life as long as it didn’t break two basic rules. Don’t break the laws of the state,  and don’t force others to conform to your ideology.

Christians can live next to Jews, next to Muslims, next to Athiests as long as each does not try to impose their will on their neighbours. 

We need to remember curiosity and delight, rather then fear and judgement. We should be looking on with wonder at the cultures that surround us, while being confident enough in ourselves to not feel threatened by the display. We should be wise enough to recognize a better idea developed by a far off culture could improve our lot, and adopt that idea to our own cultural diversity in an effort to grow, both as a society and an individual. 

When did Cultural appropriation become a bad thing? When did admiration for something and respectful imitation of it become a sin? 

When did we become so fragile that criticism or humour fractures our self worth? 

Grow up. Take pride in your heritage, but enjoy the variety of cultures that surround you. Sample the buffet offered and feel free to include some of it into your diet. Just don’t try to force feed your neighbour your selection and we can all get along. For no matter where those other cultures came from, no matter how foreign they seem, on a galactic scale, they are your neighbourhood, and your brothers and sisters, and we are all on the same journey to the same place.  

 The future, is a never ending journey over the next obstruction to the next vista, and how we get there, will define what we find there.


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