The Emperor’s new clothes

do you remember that story? Where an Emporer’s was duped into thinking he was wearing magnificent clothing but was actually nude? It took a child, innocent and fearless to point out he was wearing nothing at all.

This is the story of Donald Trump and the GOP Republican Party of today. Trump, the vain Emperor,  of the republicans, supported by a mass of dangerously fanatical loud citizens, preening himself on stage while shouting slogans and random baseless comments, as if volume was the benchmark of truth. Louder and louder his reprehensible statements are made, and while he gloats at his popularity and success, we the world stare in horror at this naked vileness before us. 

Does he know, I mean really know that he is naked before us? Or does he actually believe he is clothed in splendid for the adoring masses? God knows the Republican Party will not expose his nakedness, they flock to his banner, averting their eyes to the sight while bowing in homage to this leader they have chosen to follow.

This emperor is no more a republican than Karl Marx. He’s  a self indulgent, overbearing, delusional character expressing his whims as policy and demanding absolute loyalty from his base or they will be cast out, shunned and discarded, but only after he has shamed them with any filth he can find or make up to throw at them. 

And with each true republican who falls under this barrage of sewage, the rest bow a litter deeper, meekly casting glances at each other. Fully aware they have given up their agenda, their souls and their faith. Leaderless, hopeless, they are willing to follow any voice as long as it’s loud.

This is not the party of Lincoln who said

“.I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong. “

It is a pack of cowering curs, shivering in fear of the very hand they nuzzle in misplaced affection. They know the emperor is naked, but will not reveal it. Instead they complement the glorious phantasmalwear of the emperor as he capers around the stage. They make excuses for his behaviour, they justify his vulgarity, they cheer his buffoonery, all in the hopes of winning some empty victory. A victory that reflects none of the values they pretend to aspire to. An uninspired victory of empty platitudes and ill conserved rhetoric. A meaningless victory comprable to the violent throwing of a game board from the table and petulantly demanding the win.

Until the republicans stand up and point directly at Donald J Trump while declaring emphatically “the emperor is naked” they will continue to sink into a cease pool of irelovence  until you can not distinguish the members from the odorous floatsom that bobs around them.

Donald Trump will be the end of the Republican Party if not the United States of America itself. Having said that, I cannot blame Trump for this, he is who he is, but I can place the blame squarely in the shoulder of the republicans who had a choice between following their ideals, or following the circus.


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