Dan’s Facebook Posting Rules

you are welcome and encouraged to comment on my posts.

You are welcome and encouraged to disagree with my post

Open debate and expression of opinions are appreciated 

Personal attacks against poster or commenters is strictly forbidden 

This includes angry or humorously worded insults towards a commentators education, sex, nationality, ethnicity, the size or location of various origins or limbs, dangerous, unreasonable or physically unlikely suggestions, threats, personal attacks against character, appearance, spelling, grammar,  or familiar relations.

If you can’t make a point on a subject without attacking your debate opponent directly, your point is nil and void.

Post often, post angry, but don’t post personal.

Spamming links, while allowed is annoying. Keep it to a minimum.

See above regarding vulgarity.

Enjoy yourself, and share in the diversity of opinions.

Open your mind to other viewpoints, even if you do not agree with them.

Seek understanding to encourage acceptance, or to sharpen your arguments.

Thank you

J.Daniel O’Neail


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