Bred for Extinction- Introduction

For the moment I have to give up on the idea of getting ‘Bred for Extinction’ finished in a timely manner.
I am having difficulty organizing the factors into an easily followed comprehensive structure. Trying to explain the links between, social, political, environmental and historical influences on our species and it’s social, political, economic development is a web of influence, not a linear interaction, and as a result cannot be fully explained to my satisfaction in a linear manner.

Thus the inspiration of the internet comes to my aid. I can write individual chapters here with links to related chapters within each section.
A book written, and to be read as a web of information rather then cover to cover.
I can draw the connections between each field of study and refer back to previous links to show how it all works together. I hope that as the different pieces are published here you will join me on this journey of exploration in the hopes that someone out there reading this can provide the answers we need.

My problem is I recognize patterns but am not prone to suspicion. As a result I can make accurate predictions of global affairs based on history and herd mentality not on some secret sinister power group. The shadowy sinister figure influencing our society is within us all. Confront that monster first and maybe, maybe, we can take a different path, But I can only point out the cause and effects. I don’t have a solution. This study is being published in the hopes that you, the reader may have the solutions that I have spent two decades without success looking for.
Because you are the hope of mankind’s future. Not a future measured in decades or centuries, but so that we might persevere on a epochtic scale. That humanity will not simply be a hiccup of evolutionary curiosity, but the boundless creature I believe we can become. It’s up to you dear reader, because unless we as a species experience a paradigm shift in human nature, we are doomed to extinction within the next century or two.

….Bred for Extinction-Dan O’Neail 2016

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