The Playground 

Picture a school yard somewhere in America.

The new kid shows up stepping out of his dad’s brand new Cadillac. Well dressed perfectly groomed, Don enters the school yard. Some children are immediately drawn to his flash and novel appearance. Almost immediately he begins to dominate the playground, telling his new followers that those brown kids are bad and they shouldn’t play with them. Shortly after he points out some of the other bad kids, because they dress funny. A few of the old playground leaders try to face him down, but his speed at creating nicknames combined with his open willingness to shout swear words like FUCK at children, who still only whisper it to each other, fearful of parental wrath. No one has ever shouted obscenities without concern on the playground before and as a result, more of the children gravitate to the new cool kid.

Time passes and Don, the new kid finds new victims to bully every day. Inventing derogatory names for each and encouraging his crowd to take part in the bullying. The tattle tale, the stupid head, the crybaby, the fatso, the loser, each of the kids not standing behind Don are named one after another. Labeled, ridiculed and forgotten by playmates who now hang on Don’s every word, many fearful of becoming a target of his warth. Others taking delight in belonging to an exclusive club instead of just being one of the kids.

Don has made the quiet shy kid a part of his group. The kids lack of confidence, crutches up by Don telling him he’s special because he doesn’t dress funny like those bad kids. Don is not actually talking to the shy kid, he’s just happy the shy kid repeats everything he tells him to. But the shy kid, looking for external reasons for his lack of popularity feels like Don is talking directly to him. Explaining that he would do better on the playground, if all the brown kids and funny dressed kids were kicked off the playground. Don promises to kick those kids out and make sure they never come back. Don promises he’s got a plan. 

Don’s plan is that when he is put in charge of the playground, he will make the kids they don’t like build a fence around the playground and since all the best rocks and sharp sticks are inside the fence, they can threaten anyone outside the playground, and make them bring candy and toys for his gang.

Don is a bully.
If you have not figured out this is American Politics today, you may be one of Don’s followers. 


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