How I became a designer of menswear 

first off, because I am one.

A man, and a man of experience. Over the course of my life I have experienced events, challenges and successes that have left indelible memories on my body and in my mind.

Scars of misadventure, memories of heartstopping beauty, meditations of epic solitude, conversations with brilliance. All have created who I am today.

 I have sailed on ships, with the wind in the sail

I have dug gold from the dirt with my own hands.

I have wandered mountains without trails

I have hunted for my dinner.

I have been trapped on a cliff face

Faced death and returned.

Shared a meal with a black bear, been friends with a bird.

I have spoken with royalty, and flirted with the court.

I have had dinner with a Prime Minister and shared my meal with a vagabond.

I have lived in cities of bustling people, and slept under the stars where few men have gone. 

I have been sprayed with the water of the Arctic Ocean, and swam in carribian seas.

I have sold clothing, and directed fashion shows

I have loved, and lost, and written on both.

I have been a poet, novelist, speechwriter, and blogger.

I have felled trees with an axe, and raise homes with a hammer.

I have been the carpenter, the janitor

The dancer.

I have been rich, and poor.

I have lived in comfort, and I have been hungry.

I have been beaten, stabbed and shot.

I have emerged from battles, both brawn and of wit.

And declared victory in simple survival.

I get back up, I persevere, I carry on.

I have been the public speaker, The candidate, and the political activist.

I have lived as you live, who ever you are 

I have lived as a man

I certainly know how to dress as one. 

Each of my designs is inspired by an event that I experienced and reflects the emotion and delight of those events.


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