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London Casino Restaurant, a gamble.

Never being one to turn down a free meal I found myself at the London Casino this weekend for a free Prime Rib dinner. Normally on special for $22.95. My wife ordered a big breakfast, while I salivated over the giant hunk of cow I was expecting.

The service at the casino is always a gamble, most of the serving staff doubles as floor staff and are not the professional wait staff you expect in a Restaurant. Not really surprising when you think about it. Many of those dining are broke, or saving every cent for the slots, so tipping is rare, and any self respecting waiter or waitress would have quickly moved on to a location where the clients show appreciation for their work. Sometimes the service is excellent, while at other times, orders arrive piecemeal and delivered with the customer service skills of an armed Nazi.

Luckily, today’s server was new, and had not yet been jaded by the lack of tips on adjacent tables. So while a bit clumsy in his delivery, his enthusiasm can’t be questioned. My prime rib arrived and at first glance was everything I expected. Nearly overhanging the plate, covered in a rich gravy, the rather colourless parsnips, brightened by the less colourful mashed potatoes.

Luz’s eggs,ham,sausage,bacon,home fried potatoes, on a plate, brightened the table in the way that only delectably artery hardening dishes can.

With relish I dug in, and was both pleased and disappointed. The taste of the meat was excellent, tender, rich and a flavor that spoke to the sweetness of the grass my dinner had been nurtured on. Yet sadly, my chosen bovine, had not had to walk very far to find its food. This must have been the laziest cow in the field,  scraping off the gravy I found that rather then red meat, marbled with fat, it was more a chess board of meat and fat. At least 25% of my prime rib was fat, and while some to add flavor to the meat is fine, this was more reminiscent of bacon, then beef.

Don’t get me wrong, the eatable parts were great, I just wish there had been more of them. The parsnips were perfectly cooked, still maintaining there flavour without being overpowered by some spice or under-cooked as is often the case. The horseradish was bland, as horseradish goes. A sweet rather then hot sauce, but probably a safe choice in a place where various taste buds are sated.

So while an enjoyable meal, the amount I left on the plate was disappointing .

As for Luz’s Big Breakfast, her comments were, “mm, thu sh goob, step ashking queshtin, I’m trying ta eats, mmmm”


Pennyless Foodie


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