Trump could win

Over the last few months I have caught bits and pieces of Donald Trump’s insane campaign for president. His plans more reminiscent of a sinister version of the Rhino Party. Build a wall, force another nation to pay the expenses, FIMA camps, the fear of the conspirators, used to house tens of thousands of Mexican, Muslim and other

Banning of religious freedoms and closing the borders to over a billion people based on misconceptions of faith. Anger, threats, insults and vilification as the driving force behind policies he cannot explain or doesn’t actually understand.

Donald Trump has become a parody of American politics. The comical simplicity that glorifies what’s wrong with their political system. The GOP debates have become a reality TV show to the public, where the most outrageous player is least likely to be voted off the island, just so we can see what he will do next, and with him are the other cartoonish figures that try to imitate but can’t quite carry off his buffoonery.

I expected this level of incompetence to be entertaining for a while and then fade as the serious job of choosing a leader became the business of American citizens. I was wrong. And with each victory this hateful clown wins, I am further confounded by the insanity that is gripping America. I could not understand how Donald Trump keeps gaining support of what should be reasonable rational people. Then it hit me.

It’s political naivety. A great majority of American’s have no understanding or interest in politics (The same is true in Canada) and do not follow the issues, nor the candidates, not the platforms. Far to many exercise their right to vote simply to do so, and while many stay home and pretend the Government of their nation has no influence over them, another large group go vote blindly. Choosing the name they recognize rather then the person they respect.

Vast numbers of voters cannot identify the contestants for the leadership of a party, but they do recognize the name Donald Trump. Either as a reality star, a rich glitzy businessman or just because his name crops up in the news almost daily. They remember the name, but not the story and cast a vote for him. It’s his insanity that is keeping him in the news and the average uninformed voter doesn’t look beyond the name to find out what they are truly voting for. Bombastic, Charismatic, Angry, hopelessly incompetent, and vilely motivated, the resume of histories most devastating leaders is being presented to the American people, and they are as bamboozled as the other nations that ended up suffering under this type of leadership before.

This racist, bigoted man is gathering a following of unsuspecting fools who will wake up one morning and realize that government does affect their lives on a supremely personal level. By then it will be to late and as Donald Trump staggers around the white house and becomes the proverbial bull in a china shop of global diplomacy, they will pretend that it wasn’t their fault.

What we are seeing in the GOP election is a premonition of what is to come. For just as many Republicans are voting from an uninformed understanding of the field, There are millions of undecided voters out there who will be guilty of the same incompetence during the general election, those who don’t even bother with Republican or Democrat, and only vote for the name they recognize.

No matter what Trump says, good or bad, he will come out as bigger then life, and that is what America will vote for. 2016 may be the defining moment that historians will point to and say “Here. Right here. This was the moment the American Empire fell”


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