police DICK & JANE doe

i was asked as a joke to use this story method, so enjoy the whimsy before this gets published with the art work.

See the victim?

The victim is bleeding

Bleed victim bleed
See Dick?

Dick’s a detective

See Dick investigate 
See Jane?

No one knows who Jane is

We call her Jane Doe
See Dick try to figure out who Jane is?

Dick is going through Jane’s pockets

Investigate Dick, investigate.
See Dick uncover a motive

Jane was an entrepreneur 

Jane sold her body for financial compensation 

Some people would call Jane a Harlot
See dick put the evidence together

See Dick build a profile

Dick is a very good detective
See Joanne?

Joanne shot Jane

Joanne is a psychopath
See Dick arrest Joanne

Joanne is resisting

Cuff her Dick, Cuff her.
See Danny?

Danny is a judge

See Danny pound his gravel
See Joanne?

Joanne pleads not guilty 

Not guilty due to mental deficiency 

Joanne has a good lawyer
See Dick testify

See Danny consider the evidence

Throw the book at her Danny.
See Joanne get off on a technicality

Joanne has a very good lawyer

See the system?

Dick think’s the system is broken.
See Dick?

Dick is taking the law into his own hands

Dick is a vigilante
See Rob?

Rob is also a detective 

Rob has a Jane Doe

Jane Doe is Joanne.
Run Dick Run
By Dan O’Neail 12/2015 


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