The ultimate conspiracy

Okay here goes.

9/11 was an inside job, where government planes were sent to crash into explosive laden building to distract America from the truth.

The truth as the grandest theory goes, states, aliens in black stealth helicopters built from tech developed in Area 51 from an other alien’s spaceship, secretly monitor Americans to ensure that the tracking devices implanted by inoculation injections are also properly reacting with the calming chemicals being dropped in chem trails by secret but easily seen government planes, that at other times are dropping cancer causing chemicals to thin the human herd, and allow the alien controlled government to more easily control the zombie field human race.

Why? You may ask. 

Simple. Because people were beginning to suspect the existence of extra terrestrial life and the aliens needed to stop us. So they made a deal with the Zionist Jews to take control of the media and feed us simplistic information that due to our fluoride laden water is easily accepted.

The Zionist Jews produce the videos of mankind’s supposed journeys to space and the moon to make us believe we are actually seeking those extra terrestrial, while a secret organization of black suited men operate as control officers when ever one of the many aliens on earth accidentally reveals itself to the uninitiated. Lucky for them that the HAARP weather control system also has the ability to take control of people’s minds and redirect those witnesses to commit assassinations, that completely distracts from the fact that that human had been abducted, probed and released by yet another alien race, not so conserved with secrecy and security as the two previously mentioned alien races.

So as the aliens do battle on earth pitting the Zionist Jews and New World Order against each other as pawns of their interstellar war on earth. We the blinded, thrice pacified, chemically bombarded, victims of oral, visual, implanted propaganda can live peaceful untroubled lives in our perceived utopian society. 

Oh yeah, all those wars are fake as well. Just used to cause fear in the chemically calmed population to discourage travel as it’s harder to track out implants over long distances or when shielded by a thin layer of tinfoil.

Did I miss anything?


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