A Monumental Mistake

Today’s headline reads:

Victims of communism monument should be moved off controversial site, government says

Why are we building this at all? Canada was never threatened by communism, we never fought a war against it ( unless you count the UN war in Korea ). I am not a supporter of communism as practiced by Russia or China, and I have reservations about how Cuba operates under it, Communal farms and Co-ops seem to be quite effective in small populations. It has never been a threat to my way of life other then the nuclear threat of the Cold War, which was a war of ideologies where we were threatened by both sides under the risk of mutually assured destruction. Where the whole world was held hostage to the super powers and their political gamesmanship.
On the other hand, I have been a victim of capitalism, I have witnessed the thousands of homeless and poverty stricken citizens who walk our streets every day. I have felt the pain of hunger, I have experienced the fear of unemployment, I have faced the struggle of survival in the shadow of a culture that cares little for the fallen.canada-communism-victims-memorial-location-controversy
If you build a monument to the victims of Communism, I can assure you that it will be a tragic example of dark irony, as the victims of Capitalism seek shelter from the storm beneath it.


Don’t get me wrong. There have been victims of communism. In Poland, Budapest, Ukraine! Russia itself, and many other places. Those places have a right to erect such a monument if they so chose. They shed blood over this ideal. We, Canada, to us it is just that. An ideal that we chose not to embrace.


One thought on “A Monumental Mistake

  1. I am a red diaper baby whose family was deeply and negatively affected by the scourge of McCarthyism. I agree with what you’ve written here – communism, if we ever get it right, is the best alternative to a brutal, class-based, racist, sexist capitalism. This monument is not only anti communist, it is an ideological devotion to capitalism and everything it stands for.

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