Green Party:We failed

its a hard thing to say, but it’s true. After decades of trying to stop climate change we were unable to do much more then slow it almost imperceptibly. Governments wouldn’t listen, industry confounded our attempts. The Internet gave a handful of misinformed, or worse, paid misinforments, equal footing on issues, regardless of the overwhelming evidence.

We were not able to convince the public of the effect until the effect was upon us in such an undeniable way that you would have to be willfully blind to not see what is happening to our planet, and with it, our way of life. Our entire species is threatened and only now are governments, that are suffering the effects of climate change on their infrastructure and economies beginning to think about taking action.

The Green Party has failed its foundation, but now, it is the best hope we have of dealing with the fall out.

No political party, no group of individuals are better informed or better prepared to deal with the effects of climate change. We have spent years researching, collaborating and addressing the issues. While other political parties have continued along the road of greed and ultimately destruction, with no real vision of the future, we have taken the longer view. We the greens have raised our heads, looked at the distant horizon, and know that while change is inevitable, we can persevere.

There were times in the past where supporting the Green Party would have been in our best interest, but now, it’s really our only hope of salvation.

The Green Party needs to build a new platform on our crumbled foundation, a platform of adaptation and change that will allow us to continue to grow in the troubling new world that confronts us.

Rising oceans, melting ice, superstorms, unbearable heat, drought. All of these things will have to be endured and adapted to in very short order. We as greens need to provide a blueprint to the world on how we can deal with the issues. We no longer can avoid them, just endure them, with changes to our construction engineering, preparedness for mass migrations, economic development that takes advantage of the change while developing changes to our infrastructure that will allow us to continue to grow as a species.

As someone once said.

The truth can be denied, it cannot be avoided.


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