Monsters under the bed.

So I already wrote on C-24 and its suppression of rights.

The fact that rights are rights, not privileges. While they can be legally suppressed in certain cases, such as war or prison, they cannot be revoked. To do so eliminates the very definition of rights and makes them, as Prime Minister Harper and his Ministers have been publicly announcing, privileges.

It is a gross and disgusting abuse of our laws and Charter that I fully expect the Supreme Court to strike down, as they have so many restrictive laws this government has tried to pass. Regardless, the Harper Government is doubling down on their racist policies. Depending on the bigotry and racism of Canadians to maintain their hold on power for them.

Home are the false promises of economic stewardship, their record of incompetence was not able to maintain it. Gone is their promise of fair and open government, as after years of secrecy and corruption, there is nothing to rest this statement on. Gone is their promise of smaller government as it grows into a monstrosity of mismanagement and lacking integrity, where only the minister is responsible for the actions of staff but only the staff is responsible for the minister’s faults.

The new election campaign is on hate. Hate and fear.

Fear your neighbour, hate his lack of conformity to your ideals. Their religion is a threat, their clothing is a threat, they are barbarians residing in our nation and are a threat to you. They may be living right next door. Be vigilant, report any odd behaviour to the new RCMP tip line and protect yourself and the other ‘old stock’ Canadians from this insidious threat hiding behind a veil. Wearing odd headgear, having what they claim are religious gatherings on days that are not Sunday. Trust no one, trust only the Harper Government, or will keep you safe.

In he 50’s it was the commies 

In the 70’s it was the homosexuals

In the 21st century, it’s the terrorists.

We never seem to learn to elect governments of growth and opportunity, while there is an option for oppression and fear to morivate us.

Perhaps this time, we can prove we’ve outgrown childish boogie men hiding in the closet and under our beds and can chose a government that deserves our support.


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