You think the refugee crisis is bad now?

So we have all seen the videos of mass groups of refugees fleeing Syria and the havoc at national borders unable to deal with a flood of people. 

But if you think this is bad, wait till the climate crisis gets worse. Arable land laid waste, rising sea levels. Entire populations forced to move due to unsustainable or lost land.

Over 75% of the worlds population lives on shorelines, that’s a lot of flooding as oceans rise due to melting landmass ice. If you think 2 million refugees from Syria is a lot, think about Manhattan all having to move, or Singapore or any of our other coastal cities that are slowly sinking into the oceans. Combine that with lush farmland being wiped out as less hospitable areas become more arable. Entire populations in the millions will begin moving, as a trickle then a flood, then a virtual ocean of humanity travels across the land looking for new homes.

At that point national borders will be little more then marks on a map as no force outside of nature can stem a tide of humanity caused by nature and fuelled by self preservation.

Maybe we should have been addressing this issue when we first saw it, because we are not going to be able to cope with its results.


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