Freedom of Expression: An attack on a Canadian Value

So the Federal Harper Government is at it again. Another court case lost, another appeal lost, and now another appeal to be filed.

Time and again this government has tried to bring in laws that violate our Constitution and Charter of Rights. Time and again the courts have had to act to stop these badly considered or partisan laws. No government in our history has spent so much time in court trying to justify there lack of understanding of our national values. When their lawyers are not busy defending one of their many key figures in court on corruption charges of one sort or another they are busy filing lawsuits against the Canadian people themselves over laws pushed through parliament without Adiqute debate or oversite. Laws that emerge from the Conservative controlled house like a speeding train, only to crash spectacularly against our established legal standards and the courts.

Time and money is wasted trying to put these misaligned trains back on the tracks, every time the wreck is left lying on its side, a symbol of the time wasted by not taking the time to consider before acting.

Today the Harper Government, well past its best before date and limping to it’s final days, announced they will again appeal the oppressive Citizenship dress code law.image

Once again they will protect Canadians by requiring individuals to compromise their principles and force them into what they perceive as public humiliation. Why? To appease a misunderstanding and bigoted fearful voter base.

Veils were not an issue at citizenship ceremonies until the Harper Government addressed it as one. Anyone who’s religion prevented them from showing their face to a man was permitted to take the oath unveiled in private with a female officer, prior to the official ceremony. But now the Harper government wants to violate those people by forcing them to forsake their beliefs as a criteria of citizenship.

That the first act a person has to make to be a member of our fair and just community, is to compromise their religious freedoms. Those same freedoms they are swearing to uphold. Is an irony of the first order, and a disgrace to our nation as a whole.

The joy of becoming a citizen is the freedom to wear or remove a veil as a personal choice, regardless of how someone else feels about it.

Irony should not be a prerequisite of citizenship, but it certainly helps to recognize it when it occurs.


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