an angry drunken post

What if I told you Jesus has returned?

What if I tell you, not only returned but began to spread the teachings of the lord once more?

What do you think happened to him?

He returned to the earth and began teaching the gospel in Jerusilam, the land of Israel. He was shortly there after arrested and imprisioned by the authorities as a dangerous radical, perhaps even terrorist. Turned over to the American republicans who had him interrogated and placed in a cell created, and guarded by the very fundamentalists who claim to worship him. Such a charismatic person cannot be allowed to roam free with such radical ideas as: provide for the poor, and give up wealth, turn the other cheek and love thy neighbour. He is a threat to the established religions of the West and the born again Christians.

Those born again Christians who revere the man, but dislike the message he brings.
I’m having a bad day, thought I would share my frustration with you.


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