Who should I vote for?

Here’s the thing. The NDP had my full support until the election was called. Now they are all over the map on policy. Either Mulcair is recreating the party into his image and the advisers are to shy to protest, or the advisers have their eye on the prize so bad they are forgetting who and what the represent. MMP sure I agree. Getting rid of Senate, hmm not so sure, and almost impossible. but revamping it as elected body I’m okay with. Liberals on the other hand have a face in front of them who does kind of squeak when he talks, but has the most experienced crew of advisers and cabinet possibilities of anyone running. I just can’t get past the C51 gaff and how no one. NO ONE seems to think they can stand up to the Harper Propaganda machine. Someone has to stand up and say I am not scared, I can tell it like it is and damn the ads. Credible interviews and demands that the media expose the ads for what they are, cheap slanderous propaganda that would be better used in nations that do not respect democracy or intelligent discussion. Elizabeth May has the balls and mind to do it, but not the clout to carry it off. I really hate this election and hope the parties realign to substantial policies and stop fishing for support.
As for Mr Harper.

Remember folks, if you are not a card carrying member of the devoted CPC fanatics (Not even a red Tory) Harper hates you. Any book I have read on his rise to power constantly refers to his hate of Liberals and the Left as the driving force behind his quest for power. He has been tossing people under the bus since the beginning. Betrayal of his mentors, he could be a character in Game of Thrones, he has betrayed and destroyed so many careers of people that nurtured and supported him. His overbearing control of anything he is involved in is pathological and only matched by his inability to take responsibility for his actions. Secretive, Paranoid and Demanding. I will never forget one of the Early Quotes from his days with the NCC. When one of the marketing heads called and said “I think we need to change this” Harper replied “I don’t give a FUCK what you think”

In the end we are back to the basic principle of voting for the candidate who will listen to your concerns and bring them to Ottawa. That means focusing on the sing on the local candidates in your area while keeping an eye on the party structure. Vote for a candidate who is approachable but make sure they are in a party that respects it’s grass root supporters and raises local concerns rather then a candidate who tells you to support his leaders concerns.


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