Harperman: A song and reaction that bring truth to the lie.

Have you ever wondered about how some countries seem to willingly lose their freedom? Not the repression of freedom by the gun. Not the lose of freedom from invasion, but the willing walk into oppression.

We have seen it in History, where leaders arise and are welcomed as saviors (usually by a vocal minority) and then empowered with political clout, expanding their influence and control in tiny increments while the masses sleep on. A little here a little there, not enough to worry about, but as time goes on, everything changes. Freedoms are curtailed for safety, press is controlled to prevent dissent. political opponents are vilified as undemocratic. a wall of words built around a government that responds with silence or violence when breached or disputed. At first that violence is almost undetectable, a lose of position, wages, perhaps the perpetrator is no longer welcome at their job and encouraged to move on.

We are seeing this in Canada today. The most recent victim Tony Turner, talented scientist/folksinger, with such apt musical prose as:

          “Dirty oil, dirty plans,

Dirty tricks, dirty hands

Harperman it’s time for you to go.”

suspended from his civil service job for having the gall to write the Harperman song). And under investigation. Investigation for what? Not being a fan of the Prime Minister?

Later as the public begins to accept that level of punishment, those who still oppose are more noticeable, and by their rarity seen as more extreme. prison is a suitable punishment for those extremists. Anyone left after that still protesting the government is clearly an enemy of the state and must be stopped at all cost. Can’t have people critical of the all wise government.


See how easy it is to escalate? So when we see the first level of fascist political engineering we should all be ready to push back and reject it as quickly as possible. Yes they will still have their vocal minority, but it’s up to us, the majority to stand up as a group or individuals and say NO!, that’s wrong! Not in my Canada!

Be that voice, be that person who stands up. risk the punishment now before the punishment gets so harsh, you fear for your family. If you do not act now, the road to regain your nation gets steeper with every step. Take the path now, before it becomes insurmountable and the toll to freedom must be paid in blood.


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