Dirty laundry

Much as I am enjoying the entertainment of the Duffy trial and the Prime Ministers ever changing responses and history rewrites, it does have a detrimental effect. We love seeing the dirty secrets of the rich and powerful exposed. It’s our nature to seek out controversy. As a result, we are missing a lot.

The Duffy Trial is totally eclipsing the campaigns of all the candidates. It is the story to watch. Mulciar’s child placement announcement, Trudeau’s (actually I don’t even know what he promised yesterday) and May’s water protection statement are all minor human interest stories under the giant WHO ELSE KNEW ABOUT THE DUFFY CHEQUE banner.

I guess the only advantage in this extra long extra expensive campaign period is that eventually all the major players in the Duffy trial will have been on stage and we will start to listen to the candidates as the trial winds down.

Regardless, the Harper supporters who think we will all forget about the trial revelations by October are delusional. Voters are not so stupid that this massive coverup can be swept under the rug again by a shiny promise, or even a controversial one to distract us. Come October we will remember that the highest office in the land, granted extrodinary powers over policy by this Prime Minister, has become a sinister house completely out of control and above the law.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan:

Mr. Harper, tear this house down! 

Because we the Canadian people, will no longer stand for it.
Advice for the leaders of the other parties, when you want back into the news feed during the trial, you need to address how you will change the PMO.

(Sorry this article is disjointed, but writing it in a hurry while rushing to work)


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