Angry old guy shaming (Updated)

I will not repost or retweet any of the angry old guy memes. Sure some are funny, and the man was totally inappropriate in his behaviour towards the female reporter. Sure he’s a prime example of the Harper Conservative base. 

That’s why I posted the video, and linked it in a previous article. It was news, of a sort. But the memes and slams are against a private individual who in a moment of monumental stupidity did something inappropriate, but shaming him as if he were a public figure is little different than the shaming of a rape victim or anyone who is being bullied on the net.

It should stop. This man is not a politician, he’s just a passionate man with mixed up priorities and has been inundated by right wing misinformation.

Feel sorry for him, not angry at him.


Angry old man is Earl Cowen of “go back to China” fame. This is the guy who shouted racist comments at Olivia Chow during a political debate, and then did an unapologetic interview about it.

Screw it, this is an approved, fully accepted, vetted, attack dog of the Harper/Ford clan. Meme away. 


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