Canada’s Politburo and General Secretary

Is anyone else concerned with the campaign strategy of Prime Minister Harper? The most secretive and dictatorial Canadian government in my life time. 

For the last 4 years every policy and law has emerged from the shadowy Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) slipped into omnibills of unrelated matters, debate in the House of Commons cut short by draconian rules, and even when debated, not a single amendment proposed is even considered. Simply noted, ridiculed and ignored, every input by elected members of our government are considered antithesis to the goals of the Prime Minister.

This is not the actions of a duly elected democratic government. I use to see these tactics as a young man as the government of another nation. We no longer have a Prime Minister we have a General Secretary who takes his orders from a Politburo, that by his own statements, he has no control of. A party that only works for the party interest, much like the communist party of the now defunct USSR. A system of government ripe with corruption that we were taugh for generations to abhor.

Even in this election we are shocked to see the anti democratic strategy continue. We as a people are flabbergasted at a Prime Minister who appears to fear the Canadian people. Refusing public appearances. Hiding from confrontation, he ignores the other elected leaders with as much contempt as he shows the average working Canadian or veteran soldier . If they are not card carrying members of the party, they are not worthy of so much as a handshake. Only appearing at heavily guarded Party functions to discuss his plans with only the party faithful. Mr. Harper is only interested in appeasing his elitist friends and adoring party faithful. The Party faithful, who with almost religious fever will not question any direction or order, and are simply kept riled up in fear to be used as a tool. If he didn’t need them to cast votes for him and his puppet like candidates, they would be cast aside in an instant, for a more effective and easily controlled propaganda tool.

If you are not a card carrying member of the CPC you are not invited. This man and his secretive PMO operate openly now as a force only interested in advancing the Party. All other Canadians are simply, to be exploited. We are not to be considered as anything but a liability, or worse yet, a threat, to the glorious desires and ambitions of Steve Harper and his chosen few.

This is no longer Canada. This is Harperland. Where a sociopath has been handed the keys of the kingdom to fulfil his desires. mr. Harper who has not had a single job other then political power, does not like Canadians, he likes adulation, be it on stage with his music band, playing solo on a piano to a crowd, or speaking into a camera to be broadcast to the nation. He loves the power he possesses and dreads the idea of having to come off that stage and mingle with the dirty masses.

Canada is just the nation that I grew up in, and remember fondly.


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