ISIS one year later. Growing while we dither.

A year ago I wrote on the rise of this terrorist nation

[An end through example: IS and how I see the situation in the Middle East play out]

and the need to confront it as quickly and decisively as possible.

Today we are at the same point while they continue to expand their territory, commit further and more horrifying atrocities and seep into other cultures like a deadly cancer. Now in Libya and branching into Afghanistan and Pakistan their influence grows, using ignorance and violence as recruitment incentives, their numbers are swelling.

There are two things that can stop them. Education and force. We are not able to bring education to bare in any meaningful way over the short term, so force is the only option, while leaving education in it’s wake as seeds to nurture growth in the barren battlefields that will remain.

As a generalist and history buff, my key talent is recognizing patterns.
In the 1930s we had Neville Chamberlain, who wanted to keep peace at any cost in a war weary world. As a result the Nazis expanded their control of Europe in the face of his and other world leaders reluctance to commit.
In the 21st century we have ISIS or ISIL or what ever you want to call it, expanding influence in the Middle East now branching into Africa and Asia. Once again our international reluctance to directly confront the situation is allowing it to grow. Symbolic bombing runs and training is political pandering. A way of saying “LOOK We are in the war.”, and “LOOK we are not at war.” at the same time.
The truth is we are not in a war, we are letting an atrocity of genocide continue because it doesn’t directly concern us. Our governments will not commit fully to the crisis, until the crisis becomes insurmountable.
ISIS can only be dealt with by a multinational boots on the ground invasion. The longer we wait, the larger their influence grows. The longer we dither, the further their reach. The longer we are Chamberlains, the more innocents will be raped, murdered and literally be erased from history.

We owe it to the Malala’s of the world. We owe it to the innocents, to the poor, to history, to the very human race.
ISIS is the Nazis of the 21st century, and we cannot in good conscience, allow this to happen again.
We need a Churchill.
We need a lion to arise from the field of jackals who sharpen their teeth knawing on the bones of past accomplishments. What we now call our political leaders are shadows of their predecessors. Trapped in doubt, bound by chains of self-interest. Unwilling, or unable to make tough choices that, while unpopular to the greedy self absorbed populations of today, will echo throughout history as the right thing to do when humanity called out for justice.

The price of hesitation will be too heavy to endure.


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