The Harper campaign strategy explained

Many are wondering why the Prime Minister is only appearing at secret rallies with screened audiences. It seems counter productive to gaining votes.

The truth is he is not trying to gain votes.

Stephen Harper has had a bad few years. Horrid economic record, losing court case after court case on Ill conceived platforms and bills. His hand picked senators and cabinet ministers are dropping like flies under police investigation, trials, and criminal charges.

He cannot win votes on his accomplishments, because there really have not been any, and running a campaign on suppression of freedom and ‘wait for it’ isn’t going to work.

Instead he is going for a campaign strategy of erosion and attrition. The first clue was the removal of the $2 pert vote subsidy, it was the least expensive of the political refunds when compared to the 75% tax credit doners get, but it hurt every party’s ability to raise awareness except his. Second clue is the removal of funding and legal standing of the ‘get out the vote’ campaign of Elections Canada. Again suppressing the encouragement of people to engage in their democratic process.

Now he only appears at staged rallies where he can encourage his supporters to vote while leaving the rest of Canada to stare mindlessly at their TV and be inindated with ads attacking his opponents. While his candidates and campaign teams are convincing every good party follower at the door, in email and in secret meetings, to go vote or their world will end. The terrorists will take over, the economy will be like Greece or any other fear they can instil to get their base to go vote.

Public appearances and interviews would force him to address issues he wants to ignore. The Duffy trial, the senate scandal, the economic record.

By only talking to his base and pulling the “lefty media party” crap, he can convince his base its all a conspiracy to discredit him through creative math and deception. His minions eat that stuff up like candy.

Mr. Harper is not trying to win votes, he’s trying to win by having you not vote. As long as he gets the same votes he got last time, and everyone else gets less, he wins. He doesn’t have to convince people to vote for him, he just needs to convince you to not vote at all.


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