Abandon all family all ye who enter here.

The sign over the gate to hell reads. “Abandon all hope all he who enter here” the gates to Canada will read “abandon all family all ye who enter here”
Harper and his ‘what’s in it for me and screw everyone else’ supporters have little compassion or understanding for those who are left behind, trapped behind enemy lines.

The Prime Minister has just announced that if he is re-elected he will place travel bans on Canadians. Banning them from traveling to nations he considers hotbeds of terrorism. Based on his own rhetoric this would include Syria, Russia, Gaza, North Korea, several African middle and Far East nations, with the possible inclusion of some central or South American nations as well.

This is a direct violation of our constitutional rights during peace time and possibly the most harmful and heartless announcement this man has ever made.

Many people come to our great nation to make a fresh start. To raise families in a safe environment with opportunities. To do so, many have to leave family behind. Sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers, who remain in war torn countries under a brutal dictatorship or worse, lawless corruption that robs them of everything. Often the only help families in these war torn countries get is what family brings them on vacation to these dangerous areas. Risking lives to bring clothing, toys, necessities of life to their loved ones.

Mr. Harper in his unfeeling announcement wants to ban what little help thousands of families get in the fear that some of the vacationers are terrorists in hiding. How different is this from our atrocity of caging all the Japanese Canadians on the west coast during the Second World War in case some of them were enemy agents? At least then they had the flimsy excuse we were at war.


Harper and his minions do not understand that family matters to those who came here. My Colombian Canadian wife, and my Lebanese Canadian ex both send care packs home to the nation’s of their birth. Clothing, toys money. What ever we can, but mail delivery is highly unreliable, often those packs arrive lighter then when they departed, if they arrive at all. And these are not the worst places in the world. The only sure way to get necessities to families in these corrupt nations is to bring it yourself, or to give the pack to someone traveling to the area, who will take some of their time to find your family and deliver the care pack, knowing that when you travel there at great risk, you will compound that risk by delivering some needed items to their family.

They and I understand the importance of family, you should as well. If you were considering voting for Harper this election thinking he would help your families fight the terrorists understand now that he has abandoned your family to those very monsters, and would put you in jail for trying to help them.
Family matters! And it doesn’t just need a local tax break.


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