The taxing of Netflix and other Harper Government hoaxes 

Going to say this again.No one, NO ONE said they will tax Netflix.

This is one of the most disgusting political ploys I have ever seen.

It’s fear mongering of the ludicrous to kind to distract you from actual issues. “The liberals and NDP have left the door wide open” what the hell is that? They have not been in power for at least a decade and have had exactly 0 influence on the Harper Government in the last 4 years. During which time Harper and his party did look at taxing digital media. HARPER IS THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT ABOUT TAXING IT.

He’s making up issues that no one has even considered, because he cannot defend his own record without lying. The Harper governments main pillars of their platform are all disastrous failures and they are terrorized that someone will fact check their ‘accomplishments’ because really, in 10 years they don’t have any. They are the party of straw men and the NDP, Liberals, Greens, and even you. Yes YOU are carrying a torch. It will only take a spark to burn away the layers of misdirection and show the Harper Government for what it really is. Smoke, mirrors, fear and finger pointing. Not a true government at all.

i don’t have time to go into all the other hoaxes this government has perpetrated, so let it suffice that they have been charged with contempt of parliament, been caught cheating in every election they won, have several members in jail or awaiting trial and have fought and lost almost a dozen federal court cases against the citizens of Canada.

this is not the party your father voted for. It is a travisty of leadership hiding under a stolen name. Making Sir John A McDonald a victim of identity theft.


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