Unsportsmanlike sport. The tragedy of trophy hunting (opening teaser)

so we have all seen the posts regarding the dentist shooting of the Lion. Everything from outrage to visceral support of this ‘sport’. I have hunted, I would leave the house with my 22 and stalk the woods to find dinner. It was not a trophy, it was not exhilarating, it was dinner.

Trophy hunters in Africa are not looking for food, they are looking for some misplaced sense of superiority, or thrill. It’s not a sport, it’s a disgrace to even call it such. Imagine if they played football the same way?

First you hire 40 guys to carry your shit out onto the field, then 20 of them go distract the other team with food to lure them off the field. The rest are there to fetch you your beer and snacks while you wait in your lawn chair. Once the field is clear one of them hands you a football and they haul your lazy ass chair and all to the goal line so that you can spike the ball and pose for pictures.

To be continued later. 


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