The Politics of Privacy

Interesting point regarding the Mulcair job interview with the Harper Conservatives.
Baring the fact it is again the Harper Government using mud slinging to defame a person( a far too standard practice with them). It also makes me wonder about the privacy of an individual when dealing with the CPC.
While political parties are not beholden to the privacy act. It is shocking to know that if you were to apply for a job with them at a high level they would not hesitate to provide the results of that interview to the media in an effort to defame or slander you if you did not conform to their wishes.
Tom Mulcair went to the CPC looking for a job as an environmental adviser. They claim he wanted more money, he claims it was over ethics and Kyoto. Regardless Mulcair should not have to defend himself from the implied results of a job interview.
We are not talking about someone running as a candidate, but as an employee of the Party. I would imagine every current employee of the CPC must now be concerned that if they step out of line, not only will they be fired, but any dirty laundry, misstep, or performance issue will be passed along to the media to destroy your career as well as your privacy.
Why would anyone want to apply for a job with such a dishonorable organization? Willing to gleefully attack your integrity in retaliation for not accepting their slighted whim or demand. The opportunity to abuse employees working under those conditions is astronomical and I sympathize with those who continue to do the Party work out of fear of reprisals from this unethical organization.
Now let’s consider that these abusers of privacy are the same group that proposed and forced Bill C-51 through. A bill to invade and record the privacy of general citizens. Do we trust them to not release that information when ever its politically advantageous to them? They have demonstrated over and over a contempt for parliament (For which they were charged) a contempt for opposing views, a slanderous personality disorder and a vile pettiness that would shame every mother who raised one of these habitual abusers of power.
The Harper government has once again shown it’s complete ineptitude to be a responsible governing force, and instead has proven it is little more then a school yard bully with a predelection for gossip.


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