An end through example: IS and how I see the situation in the Middle East play out

IS is the extreme of the extreme. I have no idea how a group like this gains so much support. But once it hits a critical mass it continues to grow due to fear and perceived acceptance. Just as in Germany during the 30s and 40s, I imagine there are a number of high ranking members who disagree with what it’s become but are terrified to act for fear of becoming victims of the machine they helped build.
This group is every bit as dangerous as the Nazis were and likely harder to stop. Part of the appeal in a right wing group is the shiny uniforms, in a religious cult, not so much. It makes fighting then far harder when they look like civilians. It also makes living in the region more dangerous when, you can’t see the difference between your moderate neighbours and the violent extremists. Any word, or action can be seen as counter revolutionary in a place where counter revolution is an immediate death sentence.
Combine that with the instability and lack of cooperative trust of leaders in the region, and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
Best solution would be if the more moderate Muslim nations offered to send troops, but even then the lack of trust is likely to lead to a refusal of aid till it’s to late. Iran,Syria, and Iraq are unlikely to find an inspiring leader they can unite even their own nation under much less a leader who can direct all their forces. And forget about NATO or US. They would be fighting a hostile force in a slightly less hostile arena. IS is going to have to commit more atrocities and invade more territory before the locals accept Western intervention with open arms.
On the up side IS is the perfect example of extremist faux Islamists attempting to justify personal ambition under the banner of religion and the culmination of years of empowered local warlords armed to the teeth. Once this is over and the smoke clears we will see the destruction wrought by loyalty to this evil and it will be so disturbing that another such group rising from its memory will be to abhorrent for most people to contemplate and we should see an end to large violent quasi-Islamic movements. They will be cast in a dark shadow equal to, and as disturbing as the Nazi legacy. It would likely be a century before another group of similar extremists could rise to power without being seen as a mirror image of what will have past.
Even the small villages in the mountains of Afghanistan will have heard of what IS did, and would reject a call to arms to replay what is likely to be the worst religious bloodbath in modern history.
We can only hope.


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