The Politics of Ferguson

You may not like politics, but it’s still going to affect every aspect of your life, so get involved.
The Politics of Ferguson MO:
I am sure that you have seen some of the images coming out of this community. Of street protesters protesting excessive police use of force, confronted by excessive police use of force, armoured trucks, active snipers and a militarized police force equipped well enough to take over a small country. How did this community end up so divided? Why is there such a racial division between the population and the administration? The answer below..

When the story first broke, and the racial demographics came out, the first question I asked was “What’s the voting demographic” as you can see, it’s a case of people not being involved in their politics that has led to this situation. If people were a little more responsible in accepting they have an obligation to their community and voting is how to exercise that responsibility, they can stop this disparity. Ferguson has a 12% – 17% average turnout. (Ferguson: Low voter turnout and high racial tensions by Brian Dickerson) 12% of the local population is deciding what the other 88% are entitled to, and the 88% wonder why they are getting shafted?


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