ONeail in 2014 Campaign platform

Once again I am seeking public office. I have grown tired of hearing of the scandals, inappropriate behaviour, and mismanaged micromanaged semi-informed decisions that have been emanating from City Hall. As you are taking the time to read this, you must be a voter and concerned citizen of our community, I expect you too are not pleased with the City Hall antics and infighting that permeates our local news, overshadowing what London has to offer it’s residents, perspective investors, and the world at large, and I thank you for taking the time to get involved.

We are a large, diverse community located in a strategically key location in South Western Ontario. We are capable of being a communication and transportation hub to and from Canada’s largest market sector, as well as manufacturing and import/export centers, and the facilities to supply those business needs. We have Western University and Fanshawe College, two large well respected centers of higher education that produce some of the finest minds in the country, ready, able and eager to work in a plethora of employment fields. Those education centers are further enhanced by local community colleges within the City such as Medix and Westervelt, which also produce educated skilled employees for our community. We have varied housing throughout the city and room to grow within our boarders. We have parks, undeveloped riverfront properties, world class and local community facilities combined with a low crime rate and citizens with a sense of community and inclusiveness. This is the face we should be presenting to the world. This is the face we should be enhancing and marketing to business investors. This is the face I intend to bring to City Hall.

I am running a campaign founded on three principles.


Fully Commited

Growth & Oppertunity


I intend to put forward a motion within the first year for a bylaw that would introduce apparatus allowing for the suspension or expulsion of any council member or mayor for criminal behaviour, gross negligence, or abuse of power and position, by a review of the facts by the city solicitor and a censure vote of 2/3+1 majority of council.

Currently there is no way or means to remove a sitting member of council in any city in Ontario, short of actual incarceration after conviction of a crime. In the past, elected officials were expected to resign or recuse themselves from office, but as we have seen lately in more then one area community, the cult of personality outweighs the needs of the community for some elected members. Simply having the bylaw would remind elected officials that they are held to a higher standard. You cannot run City Hall expecting the staff to behave in a professional manner while the council makes statements and takes actions that would be grounds for dismissal if any member of staff were to behave in said fashion. Bullying, slurs, secret meeting, slander are counter productive and have no place within council, in session or in-camera.

This bylaw is one that should be on the books, in the hopes it will never be needed, but in the event that an incident occurs, we need to be able to address it.

Fully committed:

It is time for City Council and the community to accept London is to large, and to complex to be the part time occupation of councilors. During the term and before the third year I intend to have City staff study the implementation of a full-time council.

We have 500,000 people in the Metro London area, we are the 11th largest City in the nation. When our Wards were redistributed we went from two councilors responsible for the district, to one per Ward. Anyone who follows City Hall is aware that many of the issues being debated require City staff to explain to the councilor the contents of the report sitting in front of them. Many councilors seem to not have the time or inclination to read the reports, and appear in council unprepared to take part in a vote in an informed manner.

I am sure that Londoners would be happier knowing the management of their City is the prime concern of their elected councilor, and not a secondary consideration after their employment responsibilities.

Growth & Opportunity:

To be published by July 7. Stay in touch

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